cmOS Engineering

Model Railway Products

Device Part Number Brief Description Specifications RRP (Aus $)
(GST not applicable)
Control Bus Fascia Panel Control Bus Extension Panel Using Flat Modular Telephone Cable CCB $42.00
LCC Node CAN Bus 32 Port + 20 Logic Elements node + 2 x Layout Interface Card (LIC) ports LCP1 $90.00
USB to CAN Interface USB to CAN Interface LCPUSB $85.00
Input/Output Expansion LIC 8 port User configurable data direction LCE08 $45.00
Stall motor driver LIC LCE14 4 channel stall motor driver LCE14 $55.00
Block detector LIC LCE24 4 channel block detector LCE24 $55.00
Pulse motor driver LIC 4 channel pulse motor driver LCE34 $55.00
Block Detector 4 Channel Block Detector (DCC only) BD4 $48.00
2 channel stall motor driver 2 Channel Stall Motor Driver SMD2 $35.00
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